UK Xbox 360 Gets LoveFilm & 4oD, But BBC iPlayer Delayed

Jonathan Sutton

Microsoft Corporation has this week released a much-anticipated dashboard software update for the Xbox 360, which forms part of a wider plan to transform the video game console into a multi-purpose device that will revolutionise viewing and bring a whole new level of entertainment to users. The first round of global custom applications from a number of leading entertainment content and TV providers has been rolled out for Xbox Live online platform, and this could be the start of things to come.

BBC iPlayer on Xbox Live
UK Xbox 360 gets Lovefilm & 4oD, but BBC iPlayer delayed

Whilst this dashboard update brings several video-on-demand (VoD) services like LoveFilm and 4oD (Channel 4 on Demand) to Xbox 360s in the United Kingdom, there will be a slight delay in the deployment of the ever-popular BBC iPlayer service on the platform, as it has been revealed that this will only take place early next year. There had already been rumours that BBC iPlayer wouldn’t be working to full capacity on the new Xbox 360 television service, so the revelation will not come as great surprise to some.

Despite the delay, Microsoft’s president of interactive entertainment business Don Mattrick remained very positive about the next-generation of Xbox entertainment. He said that consumers will be able to enjoy an era where all of their entertainment is located together in one place, which includes their games, HDTV shows, sports, music and movies.

He added that this software update will enable users to “experience Kinect voice control integrated with Bing search”, which makes the Xbox user experience more social and personal than ever. For consumers, finding the perfect entertainment will become easier following the addition of a wide variety of applications; and once BBC iPlayer is up and running effectively, UK viewers can look forward to even more choice in terms of on-demand content.