YouTube HD & Twitter Ticker Land On Sony Bravia Internet TV

Richard Carlton

The announcement by Japanese television manufacturer Sony of a new firmware update for its 2011 Bravia Internet TV range will delight YouTube and Twitter users who want to enjoy this type of material on their HDTV sets. The newly released firmware will bring YouTube HD and an innovative Twitter Ticker to web-connected Sony Bravias, optimising this sort of content for viewers to enjoy on the big screen.

Sony Twitter Ticker
YouTube HD & Twitter Ticker land on Sony Bravia Internet TV

Many people spend a lot of time watching videos on YouTube, but Sony believes that the experience is just not the same when done on a tiny smartphone screen, or even on a netbook or laptop. Following the release of the new firmware update, viewers will now be able to watch video content in high definition, and immerse themselves in a rewarding large-screen YouTube experience.

In addition to this, Sony has made it possible to watch photos and videos from Facebook direct on Bravia HDTVs, which again ensures that users can enjoy the best big-screen viewing experience without any hassle. The introduction of a Twitter Ticker means that those who like to tweet or see what others have been tweeting about can have a real-time Twitter feed running along the bottom of the TV screen.

These upgrades will be made available to Sony’s 2011 lineup of Bravia televisions. The company said that owners will be delighted with the chance to enjoy their favourite content and videos in a crisp and clear big-screen format, adding that not only will YouTube videos be enjoyed in HD, they will also be further enhanced as a result of the “advanced image-enhancing technologies already built into BRAVIA TV”.