YouView Releases Remote Record Mobile App On iOS But Not Android

Mike Wheatley

Ever known that ghastly feeling, when you set off somewhere on your Christmas holidays, only to realise to your horror that you forgot to programme your YouView set-top box to record the Eastenders episodes to watch when you come back?

YouView releases remote record mobile app on iOS but not Android

Well, worry no more because now YouView has come up with the ultimate remedy for such forgetful soap-addicts – a free new app that lets viewers set their box to record TV shows by remote from anywhere in the country. But only so long as they have an iOS device and not an Android…

Android fans are used to being treated as ‘second class’ customers compared to their iPad and iPhone-owning counterparts, and so we’re sure that YouView’s new app will draw their ire just as readily as previous examples have, such as the BBC iPlayer or the Sky Go app. But at least by now, they should be used to waiting!

Meanwhile, while Android users are being patient, owners of the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad will all be able to make use of this handy new feature from the YouView app. The application allows users to record television shows to their YouView box from just about anywhere on the planet, so long as they can find a web connection. Simply get online, browse through the app’s TV guide of more than 70 listings, then hit the record button – once you get home, your show will be ready to be watched from your YouView box on your HDTV display.

The move means that YouView has caught up somewhat with rival services. Sky customers have already had access to similar services for a long time, while Virgin TV recently developed its own app that lets TiVo customers record shows remotely.

Youview’s CEO Richard Halton hinted that the app is just a taste of things to come for the company’s customers:

“We’re delighted to release the YouView app in time for Christmas. Customers now have a great new way to explore content, plus it gives them much more flexibility by allowing them to record shows remotely.”

“The app is just part one of our strategy – we plan to offer much more value to our customers, which will include extending the app’s functionality at a later date.”

Sadly, there’s no concrete release date for the Android version, although YouView assures us that there is one in development.