LG Display showcases more innovative transparent OLED displays

Mike Wheatley

At its Open Innovation Forum in Las Vegas last week, LG Display showcased yet more new potential applications for its transparent OLED displays.


The new use cases add to existing designs such as transparent OLED subway displays and sliding doors that have been unveiled in the past.

One of the most interesting ideas announced at OIF was a E-Crystal Transparent OLED display for conference rooms. Pictured above, the E-Crystal is proposed as a new kind of display for showing presentations in business meetings. LG Display explained that the E-Crystal embeds a transparent OLED display onto a glass wall in conference rooms, allowing meeting participants to walk around it and interact in new ways.

The company also showcased a Transparent Wall Skin produced in concert with a company called DAIER that can add OLED displays to a glass wall and be installed in offices, hotels and hospitals.

Another interesting concept was the Maars M923 (below), which LG Display built in cooperation with the design firm Gensler. This is described as a next-generation Transparent OLED partition. It’s designed for office use, serving as a moveable and fully customisable wall made up of interchangeable “snap-in-place” panels. LG Display said the application of transparent OLED provides a “unique balance of openness and privacy.”


Also on show was a Transparent Gallery that implements high-sensitivity touchscreen functionality. In this case, LG Display said it can serve as an “Internet of Things” wallpad. It could also potentially be used to display media content in office spaces and commercial facilities, and even be integrated with large furniture pieces, the company said.

As well as the new concepts, LG Display showed off its latest commercial OLED products, the LG Objet OLED TV series. This consists of the LG Posé OLED TV, a rival to Samsung Electronics’ The Serif, and the LG Easel TV, which is more akin to Samsung’s popular The Frame TV.

At OIF, LG Display announced the launch of a new “challenge program” that aims to identify new business opportunities for startups in the U.S. The theme of the program is “discovering new concepts related to OLED and transparent OLED” and will support startups that want to jointly develop new products using the company’s OLED displays.