LG's latest OLED panels win eye safety and reflection-free certifications

Mike Wheatley

LG Display said this week that its third-generation OLED panels with Micro Lens Array technology, branded by the company as META, have been certified for their high quality image performance and eye comfort by UL Solutions, one of the world’s most reputable certification organizations.


UL Solutions is a respected leader in the field of applied safety science, and carried out extensive tests of LG Display’s 3rd Gen OLED panels to ascertain the level of blue light wavelengths they generate. It’s known that blue light from consumer displays is a major cause of eye fatigue and sleep disorders, and so LG Display strives to keep this to a safe level.

According to UL Solutions, LG’s latest OLED technology earned a score of 36%, meaning it delivers the lowest level of blue light out of all existing TV panels available on the consumer market. The organization awarded the panel a Platinum rating and the distinctive UL mark for low blue light. In comparison, the average LCD TV scores between 70% and 80% in terms of blue light wavelength emissions.

LG Display said the reason that its OLED TV panels emit less harmful blue light is that, unlike LCD panels that require a backlight, they have a self-emissive structure, where each pixel generates its own light. This helps to reduce blue light wavelengths significantly, the company said.

LG Display’s award is all the more impressive because UL Solutions said it has implemented stricter criteria for its blue light wavelength measurements this year, in order to provide more reliable information to consumers. It now classifies displays as either Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze. The top-level Platinum rating is only awarded to displays that generate less than 40% blue light wavelength emissions.

The latest award adds to a growing list of certifications awarded to LG Display’s OLED TV panels. Earlier this year, the company claimed a “Reflection-Free” certification from Intertek. Reflections can be attributed to deteriorating colour accuracy and a lower overall image quality, and can also cause eye fatigue. Intertek’s testing process measures the ratio of external light reflected by the screen, and found that LG’s 3rd Gen OLED panel had a reflection ratio of less than 15%, putting it among the best displays in the industry.

Previously, LG Display’s OLED TVs were the first to land the Eyesafe certification developed by Eyesafe Inc. and TÜV Rheinland, based once again on their low blue light emissions and flicker-free status.

LG’s 3rd Gen OLED with META technology incorporates MLA to maximize the light emission from each OLED pixel and makes use of a newly developed algorithm to further enhance brightness. The display can hit a peak brightness of 2,100 nits, while using 22% less energy than its 2nd Gen OLED displays. The high level of brightness is an impressive achievement for a display technology that has traditionally always struggled to match the brightness of LCD panels.

“These latest certifications once again prove that LG Display’s third-generation OLED TV panels with META Technology not only offer outstanding image quality, but also prioritize eye comfort in providing customers with a user-friendly display,” said Min-kyu Jin, Head of Marketing Operations Division at LG Display.