New offer means LG TV owners can access free Apple TV+ for three months

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics is partnering with Apple on a tempting new promotion, giving three months of free access to Apple TV+ to anyone who bought one of its TVs in the last five years.


The offer, available in 80 countries, will go live on November 15, LG said. It applies to all compatible 4K and 8K LG TV models from 2016 to 2021. The company added that the offer will remain available until February 13 next year, so people have until that date to sign up.

In order to activate their free, three-month subscription to Apple TV+, users just need to go to the LG Content Store and follow the instructions there, or alternatively if they see the Apple TV+ banner pop up in the TV’s home menu, they can click there.

It should be pointed out that existing and previous subscribers to Apple TV+ are not allowed to take part in the offer, as it’s for brand new customers only.

Apple TV+ is a video streaming service similar to Netflix that offers a collection of popular titles, including The Morning Show, Ted Lasso, For All Mankind and Foundation, among others. The service is set to debut its first ever Korean language series, called Dr. Brain, later this week. At the same time, Apple is planning to launch its Apple TV 4K media player in South Korea for the first time

Admittedly, Apple TV+ doesn’t offer anything like the exhaustive library of content available on Netflix, but it does nonetheless feature some high quality originals that can’t be found anywhere else. Moreover, it’s cheaper than Netflix too, with full access available for just £4.99 a month, compared to the £5.99 a month cost of the most basic Netflix subscription.

The Apple TV+ service was until recently pretty tricky to access for anyone who didn’t own an Apple device such as an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV box before, but in recent months the app has started to become available on more third-party televisions and devices. For example, a standalone Apple TV+ app recently lunched on older LG TVs from 2016 and 2017. There is a more feature-rich Apple TV app that also provides access to iTunes, available on newer LG TVs from 2018 onwards.