Sony to debut four new Crystal LED video walls for virtual productions

Mike Wheatley

Sony has said it will debut four new Verona Crystal LED video wall displays geared towards high-end virtual production applications at next week’s IBC2023 event in Amsterdam.


The new displays include the ZRD-VP15EB/23EB and ZRDVP15EM/23EM sport what Sony says is a new Deep Black and Anti-Reflection Surface Technology, ensuring they can reproduce deeper blacks while minimising contrast loss that results from the light produced by adjacent LED panels and studio lights. Sony says this has the effect of significantly reducing contrast between the images on the display and the actors performing on the set in front of them. Due to this, it accurately blends the real world with the virtual in a more realistic way, Sony said, reducing the time involved in making post-production adjustments.

Sony explained that both of the new models are available with pixel pitches of P1.56mm and P.231mm. They can reach a peak brightness of 1,500 cd/m2, with a wide colour gamut that covers more than 97% of the DCI-P3 spectrum. The real star though is Sony’s Crystal LED display technology, which is based on high-performance LED drives capable of delivering rapid refresh rates of up to 7,680Hz, ensuring a substantial reduction in scanline artifacts on camera.

Crystal LED is Sony’s name for its MicroLED display technology, which is an advanced display technology that uses microscopic, self-illuminating LEDs to deliver increased brightness control and contrast, resulting in a picture that many say is superior to OLED. It has other advantages too, such as no risk of image retention and a modular panel structure that makes it easier to create much larger screen sizes.

The new Verona series Crystal LED production displays were designed in close partnership with industry leaders, Sony said. They’re available in an easy-installation 1:1 cabinet design that makes it fast and efficient to set up, matching the desired stage size, Sony explained.

The displays come with large, easy-grip handles and make use of locating pins to simplify alignment. They also have a lever-type locking mechanism that’s operable without any additional tools.

Sony said the Virtual Production series displays can adapt to LED designs that are curved, hanging and stacked, and have the strength to support greater weight, for self-stacking of screens up to 23-feet high. The surface and edges of the displays are protected by Sony’s surface tech, and they also have additional protection mechanisms to prevent damage during installations.

“The new purpose-built Crystal LED Verona displays are a critical piece in creating virtual productions that frictionlessly marry the real and the virtual realm,” said Sony’s senior director of Cinematic Production Solutions, Kevin O’Connor. “Through the support of some of the most innovative filmmakers, we’ve developed a new high-quality technology that is poised to simplify and enhance virtual production through its ease of use and compatibility while enabling powerful new forms of expression.”

Sony added that the Verona displays are designed to work with industry-leading virtual production LED controllers. For instance, the ZRD-VP15EB/23EB are compatible with Brompton Technology’s Tessera SX40, while the ZRD-VP15EM/ 23EM works with Megapixel’s HELIOS processing platform. In addition, the ZRD-VP15EB consumes 27% less energy than Sony’s existing ZRD-B15A production display, the company said.

Sony promised that the new Verona displays will be showcased for the first time at IBC in Amsterdam, which runs from Sept. 15-18, ahead of general availability early next year.