Toshiba TVs get interactive Football Corner split-screen app

Mike Wheatley

Toshiba Smart TVs are getting a new, interactive footy app just in time for the new season that’s packed with information on various matches, tournaments, players, and even team tactics.


The new app is called Football Corner and it’s being delivered to Toshiba TVs via an update rolling out this week. It’s essentially a kind of electronic programmed guide that helps footy fans to find all of the games being shown on free-to-air channels. It also lets fans follow the action during games, with real-time score updates, insights and statistics available in six languages as the games unfold.

It’s a pretty thorough app, up there with the likes of SofaScore and Flash Score, providing full details on match schedules, while during games there’s a very interesting split screen feature that lets viewers follow the game as it unfolds live, while keeping the app open.

In-game stats include things like possession, shots, tackles and all the other info needed to know who is dominating the game.

There are also live tables, while the schedule section provides an in-depth look at each team’s upcoming games. The app also provides starting lineups for each team as soon as they come available, plus tactical information for each side.

Toshiba said the Football Corner app was designed in collaboration with an app developer agency called TeraVolt. According to TeraVolt, it believes the concept of a second screen, in which viewers use a second device to look at stats and stuff while following the action on TV, is outdated. It insists that all of that info should be right there on the big screen, hence the split screen feature.

“I am very proud that Toshiba TV was so taken with our TVXRAY product,” said TeraVolt Managing Director Tobias Kunkel. “Now we have the chance to offer soccer fans all over Europe an all-round gaming experience with our app.”

Toshiba TV Commercial Director Bart Kuijten said while fans never want to miss a moment’s action during live games, it’s important they can keep track on other games and scores at the same time.

“With the new app, fans can watch their favourite team in action and still know the latest scores, goals, match stats, team updates and even red and yellow cards from other games,” he said.

During the summer, Toshiba helped to light up the Euro 2020 Finals experience for footy fans by partnering with the legendary football commentator Clive Tyldesley to respond to football related questions posed to Amazon Alexa.

Last month, Toshiba added further apps to its TVs in the shape of the livestreaming platform Twitch and Amazon Music.

Toshiba said the Football Corner app is available on all Toshiba 4K, FHD and HD-ready models, including its Alexa-powered models, dating back to 2019. The app can be accessed by tapping the “Home” button on the remote then selecting TV Menu > More Apps > Football Corner.