Toshiba 37XV505DB / 37XV503DB Review

Toshiba 37XV505DB LCD HDTV

The Toshiba 37XV505DB is the first of their Regza XV range of LCD televisions we managed to get our hands on to review. Replacing the ever-so-popular Regza X series, the new Toshiba XV LCD TVs feature true high definition (HD) 1920 x 1080 native screen resolution, “Luma Sens” technology which automatically adjusts the LCD backlight depending on the ambient light detected to improve blacks and save energy, a full power down mode which consumes even less power (compared to standby), and a dedicated game mode that decreases input lag for better gaming experience.

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While researching this LCD HDTV on the internet, you may have come across different model names such as Toshiba 37XV503DB and Toshiba 37XV505DB. They are essentially the same panel (in terms of specifications and presumably picture performance) bar some minor cosmetic differences. However, some retailers have taken advantage of this difference in model name to refuse price-matching requests which may erode their profits.

Here’s our full Toshiba 37XV505D review.