Monthly Archives: September 2010

HDCP Encryption Master Key Leaked, Confirms Intel

The HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection) anti-piracy measure which prevents illegal copying of digital audio-visual content through unauthorised devices has been compromised, its developer Intel has confirmed. HDCP is a digital content protection technology that controls the flow of high-definition audio and/or video information from source devices such as Blu-ray players and set-top boxes to display screens like HDTVs and ... Read More »

Oakley Prescription 3D Glasses To Be Launched Later This Year

The fervour and seeming inevitability with which 3D TV technology is being marketed by TV manufacturers and retailers have certainly made leaders in other industries sit up and take notice. Luxottica Group, the biggest eyewear company in the world, signified its intent to establish a first-mover advantage and capture a significant share of the fledgling 3D eyewear market by announcing ... Read More »

Sky Gets Stephen Fry To Explain 3D TV In Short Video Guide

In preparation for its 3D channel launch in a fortnight’s time, Sky has partnered with famous UK actor, author and comedian Stephen Fry to produce a short video guide on 3D TV technology in an effort to increase public awareness and acceptance towards this extra-dimensional viewing experience. An actor, author, journalist and presenter of the UK comedy quiz show QI, ... Read More »

Sony Adds BBC iPlayer To 2010 Bravia HDTVs

Sony has finally incorporated the highly popular BBC iPlayer on-demand catch up service into the Bravia Internet Video platform on some of their HDTV sets, fulfilling a promise the company made when it launched its 2010 range of Bravia HDTVs earlier this year. Through a firmware update, owners of certain Sony Bravia HDTV displays with integrated Freeview HD tuner will ... Read More »

3D TV Won’t Grow As Fast As HDTV Did, Says News Corp’s Supremo

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of News Corporation – the media conglomerate that holds a not insignificant stake in British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) which will fully launch UK’s first 3D channel on the 1st of October – has stated that he does not believe 3D TVs will enjoy a similar growth rate to that seen when HD TVs first captured ... Read More »