Monthly Archives: August 2011

Switching On Bedroom TV & Internet Can “Switch Off” Your Relationship

These days, having gadgets and devices for entertainment purpose in the bedroom is nothing new for most people. A huge number of us have access to HDTV, internet and games consoles in our bedrooms, enabling us to enjoy a variety of entertainment whilst relaxing in bed. However, recent research has suggested that tuning into these various forms of entertainment in ... Read More »

HDTV, Social Media & On-Demand Services Spur UK TV Viewing Growth

Recent figures have suggested that the growth of linear TV viewing in the UK has been driven by HDTV, social media and on-demand catch-up services amongst other factors, with the amount of time British consumers spent watching linear commercial television channels in the United Kingdom rising to a new high between January and June of this year. Total TV viewing ... Read More »

3D Movies Cause More Discomfort, Yet Are Not More Enjoyable Than 2D

Researchers at California State University have recently carried out a study, the results of which have led them to conclude that watching 3D movies is not as great as it is cracked up to be. It has previously been suggested that watching 3-dimensional movies can really enhance one’s enjoyment, delivering a real sense of being in the thick of the ... Read More »

German TV Buyers Value Image Quality & Screen Size Over 3D & Internet

A recent report has revealed that German consumers who purchase flat-panel televisions are more concerned about the image quality and screen size of the HDTV sets that they are buying than they are with advanced features such as 3D capability or internet connectivity. These new technologies are said to be relatively insignificant for German buyers when it comes to the ... Read More »