LG OLED TVs certified for their advanced gaming capabilities

Mike Wheatley

LG Display’s OLED TV displays have added to their growing list of credentials, this time around receiving a pair of gaming certifications that attest to their lightning-fast responsiveness during gameplay.


The company said that every single one of its OLED panels, ranging from 48-inches to 88-inches, has been awarded British testing authority Intertek’s Qualified Superior Gaming Performance certification for its sub-millisecond response times.

Next-generation games consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X can enable super-smooth gameplay, but in order to enjoy that experience gamers must first get their hands on a TV that offers smooth, clear and undisrupted images. The TV’s response time, which measures how fast the graphics card’s signal reaches the screen, is of critical importance. The more rapid the response is, the lower the ‘input lag’, which is the delay time for gaming signals to show up on the screen.

Intertek’s test results show that LG’s OLED displays are the fastest it has ever tested, with a stunning response time of 0.0001 seconds – less than a tenth of a millisecond – when using the Gray to Gray measurement method. Intertek also noted LG’s OLED displays are “inverse ghosting free”, which is an issue sometimes seen on LCD TVs where image frames linger for a few seconds after they’re gone because the display can’t handle such speedy signals.

In addition to Intertek’s award, LG Display said its OLED TVs have all been awarded the High Gaming Performance Gold certification from TÜV Rheinland in Germany, one of the world’s best known certification providers.

LG Display explained that TÜV Rheinland measured a number of its OLED panels’ capabilities, including its refresh rate GTG response time, motion blur and colour gamut, and found they achieved the best performance of any display it has tested to date.

LG Display said this is the first time any display manufacturer has simultaneously landed certificates from both organisations.

The company has made a big deal about its OLED display’s gaming capabilities this year. This year's models all boast refresh rates of 120 frames per second, fast response times and a wide variable refresh rate of between 40 and 120 Hz, making them an ideal choice for gamers.

It’s also worth pointing out that LG’s 2021 C1 and G1 OLED TVs are the only displays in the world capable of handling 4K120Hz gaming with Dolby Vision HDR on the Xbox Series X. Dolby Vision gaming on the Xbox was finally enabled last month, and it means LG’s flagship OLED TVs promise to deliver a gaming experience quite unlike any other.

LG Display’s OLED displays have racked up quite a number of certifications in recent years, first achieving an “Eye Comfort Display” certification from TÜV Rheinland in 2019, which is something that may be of interest to games who’re worried about the eye strain caused by hours-long gaming sessions.

Last year, LG Display’s OLEDs were awarded an Accurate Picture Quality certificate from Intertek thanks to their ability to precisely realise the picture quality intended by original content creators. They were also honoured with an “eco-product” certification from Switzerland’s SGS for their low environmental impact later that year.

LG Display’s Executive Vice President *& Head of the TV Business Unit Oh Chang-ho said the company’s OLED displays promise to create a “differentiated gaming environment”.

“Gamers all over the world can enjoy unmatched picture quality and performance when playing their favourite games,” he promised.