Monthly Archives: July 2010

Medical Experts Advise Caution Over 3D TV Health Risks

The health risks posed by watching 3D TVs have been dismissed by visual perception authority Professor Colin Clifford a few days ago, who said that viewing 3D content on a 3D TV does not pose more threat to your eyes and your brains than watching a more conventional 2D TV provided that you are sensible about the time spent and ... Read More »

3D TV In Every Living Room By 2013: Ubisoft

2013 is apparently going to be a magical year for 3D TVs. Less than 2 weeks ago, Seoul-based market research firm Displaybank published its forecast that at least 86% of all plasma televisions sold worldwide will be 3D plasma TVs by the year 2013. Now influential French PC and video game publisher and developer Ubisoft has gone one step further ... Read More »

Samsung LE40C750 Review

In a surprising move, Samsung seems to be concentrating on cutting down the cost of entry into the 3D TV world right from the word “go”. Today, we’re looking at the Samsung LE40C750, which is the cheapest “3D Ready” 1080p LCD HDTV we’ve reviewed thus far. In fact, in many ways, it is similar to the 2D-only LE40C650 we tested ... Read More »

Sony PS3 3D Blu-Ray Firmware Update Out In September

Having already introduced 3D gaming support to the Playstation 3 (PS3) since firmware update 3.30 — the latest version at this time of writing is 3.40 — which was released last month, Sony has today given us a slightly more precise timing for the addition of 3D Blu-ray playback. According to Mick Hocking, senior director at SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment ... Read More »

3D TV Not Harmful, But Children Should Not Overindulge

Ever since 3D TV has made a comeback this year as a result of concerted marketing efforts from most HDTV makers, there have been some worries over the health risks posed by this extra-dimensional format. Some say that watching 3D content on a 3D TV for too long may lead to persisting changes in depth perception hours after the 3D ... Read More »