Monthly Archives: September 2014

Like HDMI 2.0, Next-Gen USB Will Support 4K@60Hz Video

USB Type-C with Displayport

The new Type-C USB connector is getting lots of people excited, and not just because of its fast data transfer rates and reversibility. It also comes with a tantalising new feature in the form of DisplayPort support that promises to facilitate 4K TV transmission as well. This week, the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) announced it had finalised the specs ... Read More »

Chasing LG’s OLED TV, Samsung Bets on Inkjet Printing Tech

Samsung S9C curved OLED TV

OLED is seen as the perfect technology for TV displays. It produces fantastic images, the screens can be flexible and thin, and they’re very easy on power consumption. But building OLED displays is easier said than done, especially when we’re talking larger screens for TVs, which is why Samsung is trailing way behind cross-town arch rival LG Electronics in this ... Read More »

Tim Cook’s 70s TV Quote Sparks Apple iTV Rumours. Again.

Apple television

Rumours of an Apple-branded television, the so called iTV, have been doing the rounds since at least 2011, but to date nothing has come to fruition. Just this month another major event passed by without so much as a mention of the iTV, but that doesn’t mean fanbois should give up hope. This week, Apple CEO Tim Cook cranked up ... Read More »