Monthly Archives: June 2010

Panasonic To Add TX-P42VT20 & TX-P46VT20 To 3D TV Lineup

Despite sceptics’ initial reservations about 3D TVs due to compulsory eyewear, lack of 3D content and above all high prices which may put off even serial early adopters, the Panasonic VT20 series of 3D TV has actually been doing rather well. Demand far outstripped supply in the immediate weeks prior to the World Cup 2010: stock of the Panasonic TX-P50VT20B ... Read More »

UK VAT Rate Increase May Hit Demand For HDTVs

UK Chancellor George Osborne has announced a rise in VAT (value-added tax) rate from the current 17.5% to 20% in an emergency Budget unveiled in the House of Commons today. While deemed necessary to tackle the nation’s ever-swelling borrowing deficit (which rivals that of Greece), this VAT increase is expected to hit retail spending hard. Big-ticket, non-essential items such as ... Read More »

3D TV Uptake Hampered By High Prices & Low HD Penetration

Despite almost every HDTV manufacturer jumping on the 3D TV bandwagon to sell more 3D-centric products, expert speakers at a Westminster Keynote Seminar have dampened expectations of rapid adoption of 3D technology. Titled “2020 Vision — web-enabled television, 3D and future TV tech“, the forum/seminar took place on 10 June 2010. Robert Hannent, the chief technologist for Humax which is ... Read More »

Six 3D World Cup Matches To Be Shown In Selected UK Cinemas

Although 25 of the FIFA World Cup 2010 football matches are to be filmed in 3D using Sony HD equipments, UK viewers won’t be able to enjoy these live 3D broadcasts at home, because Sky — the only broadcaster in the UK capable of delivering 3D content via its Sky 3D channel — has not secured any broadcasting rights to ... Read More »

Equalizers On HDTVs Can Quieten Vuvuzela Noise

If you’ve tune in to watch the FIFA World Cup 2010 on your HDTV over the last couple of weeks, one constant feature of the football matches — apart from players (even the most skillful ones) skying the new Jabulani ball when trying to shoot long-range on goal — is the incessant droning background noise caused by thousands of fans ... Read More »