Monthly Archives: June 2010

BBC HD Using Variable-Bit-Rate Encoding To Improve Picture Quality

Following some persistent lobbying from a consumer campaign group, BBC has over the last few weeks taken some steps to improve the picture quality of its BBC HD channel. When BBC HD introduced a new high-definition transmission encoder on 5 August 2009 which slashed broadcast bit-rate by a whooping 40% (from 16Mbit/s down to 9.7Mbit/s), some viewers who noticed a ... Read More »

3D TV Sales Modest To Date In Europe

After much speculation on whether the consumers at large would embrace 3D TV technology especially when the lacklustre economic climate and a conspicuous lack of 3D content are taken into account, hard figures are now available for the actual number of units physically purchased by European users. In a survey conducted among 120 electronic retailers in Germany, France and the ... Read More »

Sony, Nintendo Trumpet 3D Gaming At E3

With 3D content scarcely to be seen at the moment, 3D gaming has been widely touted as a key factor in boosting 3D TV sales. Sony’s and Nintendo’s respective media briefings at the E3 Expo (the video game industry’s annual trade show and conference) in Los Angeles yesterday certainly underlined their commitment to 3D entertainment in stark contrast to rivals ... Read More »

3D TV To Increase Blu-Ray Player Sales

IMS Research, one of the leading electronics market research firms in the world, has released some survey data which indicates that sales of 3D TVs may contribute to a surge in the sales of Blu-ray players. In a survey conducted in the USA and Western Europe, IMS Research discovered that out of 13% of respondents who wanted to splash out ... Read More »

Microsoft Develops Glasses-Free 3D TV

Although 3D TV is all the rage these days given the commercial success of 3D movies like Avatar, one important factor that could potentially hinder uptake remains the necessary donning of 3D glasses, with its associated cost and hassle. With this in mind, many manufacturers are working hard to develop glasses-free autostereoscopic 3D displays. Intel demonstrated a glasses-free 3D TV ... Read More »