Monthly Archives: April 2014

Sharp Launches UQ10 Quattron Pro Near-4K TV Lineup in UK

Sharp UQ10

Sharp is the latest manufacturer to announce its 2014 TV lineup, unveiling a range of new Quattron Pro TVs which have gone on sale in the UK. The company’s UQ10 series is offered in three screen sizes: the 60-inch Sharp LC60UQ10, the 70-inch LC70UQ10, and the 80-inch LC80UQ10. They are said to provide a “next-generation Full HD viewing experience” that’s ... Read More »

Skyworth Curved OLED TV with LG WRGB Panel Hits China

Skyworth curved OLED TV

Last December, China’s Skyworth surprised us all when it announced plans to make OLED TVs affordable in an effort to bring them to the masses. Now, the company has just made good on that promise, with the launch of its new Tianchi E980 sporting LG’s WRGB OLED panel. Chinese brands have apparently been racing to get into the OLED game ... Read More »