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Samsung’s KN55S9C Curved OLED TV Undercuts LG’s By $6K In USA

Samsung curved OLED TV

Barely a couple of weeks after LG Electronics made a splash by announcing the release of the first commercially available OLED TV in the USA, Samsung has trumped its arch-rival with the launch of its own curved OLED TV, undercutting LG by a hefty $6000, and delivering the “best picture ever” according to American tech website CNet. Samsung’s KN55S9C curved ... Read More »

Prices Of Samsung Curved OLED TV & LG 4K TVs Start Coming Down

Samsung curved OLED TV

It’s all very well being an early adopter of new technologies, but it does have a few downsides. For example, if you’ve just shelled out £8,700 on one of Samsung’s fabulous, shiny new OLED TV, you’d probably be pretty pissed to find out that just 24 hours later, the company’s gone and shaved off a whopping 33% off of the ... Read More »

Samsung’s $15k Curved OLED TV Hits USA Before Flat One

Samsung curved OLED TV

Samsung’s long-awaited, super-thin and elegant curved OLED TV is finally set to hit the market in the USA. Known as the Samsung KN55S9, the 55-inch curved OLED television is set to land on the shelves of select dealers by the end of this week. The news comes from US website CNet, which reports that high-end HDTV retailer Value Electronics is ... Read More »

Samsung’s 55-Inch F9500 OLED TV To Hit Korea Next Week

Samsung OLED TV

Latest reports out of South Korea say that Samsung’s first OLED TVs are finally about to hit the stores next week. The Samsung 55-inch televisions are expected to be priced at around 10 million Korean won (around £5,600), which – if true – would make them less expensive than cross-town rival LG’s OLED TV models which are priced at 11 ... Read More »