Monthly Archives: March 2007

TH42PX70 Review Part 2

It’s done… I’ll work on the V-real 2 engine and G10 panel technology section when I have more information. Calibration settings for this review will follow in a few days. Read More »

TH42PX70 Review Part 1

For those who are anxiously waiting for the review, I have released some material two days ago and have updated the audio section. Initial impressions are very good and I have every confidence that early adopters will be quite satisfied with the new Panasonic TH42PX70. Read More »

Panasonic TH42PX70PED Review

Ordered it after shopping around on Friday (16 March)… delivered this morning (20 March). Came in 2 separate boxes: the TH42PX70B plasma panel and the TY-ST42D1-WK pedestal stand. To the guy who delivered the TH42PX70PED this morning: wow, I don’t know how you managed to single-handedly lug these 2 large boxes, but it was one hell of a job. Just ... Read More »