Monthly Archives: March 2007

Film Grain Or Noise?

We are noticing more noise that we used to back in the CRT era. Here’s why… Read More »

Sony KDL40W2000 Settings

Our calibration settings are up for this model, so flock over to the picture quality section… Let us know how they work/don’t work for you. Read More »

HDMI 1.3: Do You Need It?

PS3 will be the first consumer product to use HDMI 1.3 widely. Check out our new article to see if this feature is important to you. Read More »

1080p LCD TV Shootout

Three electrical heavyweights, three 1080p LCD TVs. Having seen and tested all three LCD TVs in their full calibrated glory, we set out to answer the question: which is the best among Samsung LE40F71BX, Sharp LC42XD1E and Sony KDL40W2000? Find out more in our 1080p LCD TV Shootout. Read More »