Monthly Archives: February 2013

BDA Task Force Studies Adding 4K to Blu-Ray Format

Ultra HD TV might be all the rage at the minute but until someone comes up with an efficient way of delivering native 4K content to users, consumer adoption of the new display tech is likely to remain low, irrespective of whether or not the astronomical prices ever come down. BDA task force studies adding 4K to blu-ray format We’ve ... Read More »

LG Display Steps Up OLED TV Production With $657m Investment

LG might be playing catch-up with Samsung when it comes to overall global TV sales, but there’s no disputing its position as the world leader when it comes to OLED display technology. The Korean firm, which became the first TV manufacturer to announce the commercial release of its next-generation OLED TV earlier this year, has just revealed plans to spend ... Read More »

Panasonic Updates Viera Remote App For Second-Screen Calibration

At the Panasonic Convention 2013 in Nice, France, the Japanese manufacturer demonstrated various aspects of its new Smart VIERA Plasma and LED LCD TVs. Panasonic updates Viera Remote app for second-screen calibration In addition to the picture quality and eco features, Panasonic is of course keen to expand the “second screen” experience. Accordingly, the company will be updating its VIERA ... Read More »

Flingo Brings Smart TV Apps to TiVo Set-Top Boxes

Virgin Media

TiVo DVR owners could be forgiven for thinking that they’ve been left behind by the rise of Smart TVs and digital video streaming services like Netflix and LoveFilm, but that could soon be about to change thanks to a new deal it’s signed with Smart TV app provider Flingo. Flingo brings smart TV apps to TiVo set-top boxes As of ... Read More »

Microsoft Xbox 720 Rumoured To Need Next-Gen Kinect To Play

It’s been almost eight years since Microsoft’s Xbox 360 made its debut, and as excitement builds up ahead of the release of its successor, the Xbox 720, the rumour floodgates have poured open with speculation as to what new features the device may entail. Microsoft Xbox 720 rumoured to need next-gen Kinect to play Kinect to Connect One of the ... Read More »