Monthly Archives: June 2013

Sony Serving Micro Ads At Wimbledon To Highlight X9 4K TV Detail

Sony Wimbledon

Sony is serving up the first ever trials of 4K television in the UK at the start of the Wimbledon championships today. To help get its point across, the Japanese company has enlisted the help of British female tennis star Anne Keothavong, who will sport microscopic advertisements printed onto her shoelaces and fingernails in order to show off just how ... Read More »

Samsung’s 55-Inch F9500 OLED TV To Hit Korea Next Week

Samsung OLED TV

Latest reports out of South Korea say that Samsung’s first OLED TVs are finally about to hit the stores next week. The Samsung 55-inch televisions are expected to be priced at around 10 million Korean won (around £5,600), which – if true – would make them less expensive than cross-town rival LG’s OLED TV models which are priced at 11 ... Read More »

Microsoft Frees 4K-Ready Xbox One From DRM & “Check-In” Policies

Xbox One

Faced with an angry backlash from gamers who were prepared to abandon the Xbox One en masse for the PlayStation 4, Microsoft has performed a startling U-turn over its console’s policies, announcing that game-sharing and offline play will now be allowed. In a blog post this week, Microsoft’s president of interactive entertainment Don Mattrick explained that the company had taken ... Read More »

Sharp’s 90-Inch LC90LE757, World’s Biggest LED TV, Hits Europe

Sharp LC90LE757

It’s time to get all giddy with excitement and start drooling all over again. Just when you thought that things couldn’t get any bigger or better, along comes another absolute beast of a display to vie for control of your living room. Sharp’s record-breaking 90-inch Aquos LC90LE757, officially the world’s largest LED TV, has just landed on sale in the ... Read More »