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Samsung To Showcase F8000 LED Smart TV At World Rowing Cup

Samsung UE46F8000

Samsung will be showcasing its critically acclaimed range of products including high-end audio-visual equipments at the UK leg of this year’s World Rowing Cup which the Korean consumer electronics giant is sponsoring. Among the displays that will make an appearance at the event is its F8000 series of Smart LED TV which featured prominently in a recent viral video starring ... Read More »

Sony Filming Wimbledon 2013 & Confederations Cup In Ultra HD 4K

Sony Wimbledon

As we revealed back in April, it looks as if Sony is about to team up with the BBC to film at least some of this year’s Wimbledon tennis tournament in 4K resolution when it kicks off on the 24th of this month. The experiment is being described as a “trial broadcast,” according to British home cinema publication What Hifi, ... Read More »

Usher Stars in Innovative Digital Film to Show Off Samsung Smart TV

Singer Usher has taken time off from mentoring wannabe superstars on NBC’s popular “The Voice” show to play the starring role in a new Samsung commercial in which he fights against an angry version of himself… with Samsung’s latest Smart TV hardware displayed prominently throughout the action. Usher stars in innovative digital film to show off Samsung Smart TV Directed ... Read More »

Can The Last One To Leave 3D TV Please Turn Out The Lights?

Sports network ESPN has called time on its 3D channel in the US, hammering yet another nail into the coffin of 3D television and leaving commentators to speculate about just how much longer the technology will linger for. Can the last one to leave 3D TV please turn out the lights? ESPN said that it had taken the decision to ... Read More »

OLED TV Unlikely To Be Affordable Any Time Soon

There’s bad news in store for anyone awaiting the day when those glorious new OLED TVs become even remotely affordable. The latest report on AMOLED production from NPD DisplaySearch reveals that manufacturers aren’t going nowhere fast in their efforts to boost low production yields and reduce the cost of making them. OLED TV unlikely to be affordable any time soon ... Read More »