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Sony To Open UK-Based DMPC(E) Facility To Help 4K Filmmakers


Sony’s really getting serious about this ultra HD television lark. Less than 24 hours after announcing plans to team up with Panasonic to create a successor to the Blu-ray that should be capable of playing 4K movies, and just a year after setting up its first Digital Motion Picture Centre (DMPC) in the USA, the Japanese firm has announced plans ... Read More »

Is Sony & Panasonic’s 300Gb Optical Disc The Seed For 4K Blu-Ray?

4k Blu-ray

As we’ve highlighted countless times here on HDTVTest, one of the biggest roadblocks standing in the way of widespread 4K TV adoption (besides the cost!) is the almost total lack of any native ultra HD content to watch on these super high-resolution televisions. TV manufacturers are working overtime to address the problem. We’ve already seen significant progress with the idea ... Read More »

TCL USA Announces 50-Inch Ultra HD 4K LED TV Priced At $999


If you’re desperate to get your hands on a spanking new Ultra HD 4K TV but think the prices put them just a tad out of reach, well we’ve got news for you. In a couple of months’ time, it will be possible to get your hands on a 50-inch LED 4K TV for the bargain bucket price of just ... Read More »

Sky Launches £10 NOW TV Media Streaming Set-Top Box


Following Google’s announcement of its Chromecast HDMI streaming dongle earlier this week priced at just $35, it’s difficult to imagine any other similar streaming solution beating its value. But that is just what British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) has done: the digital satellite television broadcaster has just launched its NOW TV Box at a stonking price of merely £9.99 including shipping, ... Read More »

Google Takes On Apple TV & Roku With $35 Chromecast HDMI Dongle

Google Chromecast

Google caused a few surprises at its special event this week, where its expected Nexus 7 tablet finally reared its head, alongside something completely different that almost no one was expecting – Chromecast. What the hell’s Chromecast you ask? Why, this might just be an Apple TV beater, that’s what it is. A tiny little dongle that plugs directly into ... Read More »