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OLED TV To Remain Niche: Shipment Won’t Exceed 1M Units In 2014

Samsung curved OLED TV

Even though with companies like Samsung doing their utmost to push next-generation display technologies to a wider audience, OLED TVs are set to remain a rarity in the living room for the next year at least. Samsung of course, made headlines this month when it slashed a massive $6,000 (about £3,850) off the cost of its curved OLED TVs in ... Read More »

Sony PS4 To Hit UK On 29th Nov: Is This The Day We Get 4K Content?

Sony PS4

Sony took the opportunity at this week’s Gamescom 2013 conference in Germany to confirm the pricing and release dates for its long-awaited PlayStation 4 (PS4) console, announcing some price changes for its older hardware at the same time. Sony Computer Entertainment’s chief executive Andrew House also boasted of more than one million preorders of the console to date, which will ... Read More »

4K TV Price Drop Continues: Samsung Slashes £1k Off F9000 Prices

Samsung UE55F9000

Samsung has thrown down the gauntlet to rivals LG and Sony with yet another gambit in the ongoing Ultra HD TV price wars, cutting up to a grand off the price of its smaller F9000 4K TVs just weeks after their UK launch. The Korean electronics giant has slashed the asking price of its 55-inch Samsung UE55F9000 by a whopping ... Read More »

Samsung’s KN55S9C Curved OLED TV Undercuts LG’s By $6K In USA

Samsung curved OLED TV

Barely a couple of weeks after LG Electronics made a splash by announcing the release of the first commercially available OLED TV in the USA, Samsung has trumped its arch-rival with the launch of its own curved OLED TV, undercutting LG by a hefty $6000, and delivering the “best picture ever” according to American tech website CNet. Samsung’s KN55S9C curved ... Read More »